Solo | Vocal | 2′

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This piece was written right after experiencing a cathartic, emotional release in response to Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga for Vulnerability Practice. Comprised of  three sections, Vulnerability begins with an individual starting to key into their breathing.  After the individual plants their feet, they go on to explore the process of grounding themselves through emotional honesty, mindfulness, and catharsis. Finally, the individual, more fully present in their body, keys back into their breathing with new found clarity. Throughout the challenges of 2020, the softness and openness expressed within Vulnerability serves as a reminder of the emotional strength, empathy, and community support that humans are capable of.



I breath in
I breathe out
The weight of my soles
Grounds through the Earth
My heart space opens a new
Wading through emotions
Deep and complex
With Vulnerability flowing like tears
Find what feels good
I breath in
I breathe out

– Drew Swatosh (2020)


“As with Volume 1, Lamprea wisely places a gorgeous slow piece second to last. Her inhalations audible, she makes Drew Swatosh’s gentle Vulnerability sound the way calming down after a moment of panic feels.” – Nicholas Stevens, Cleveland Classical (