Three Musings on God

Art Song | Mezzo/Medium Voice and Piano



Three Musings on God is a setting of three poems by Northwest poet and friend, Katie Hill. The vivid imagery in each poem is captured through a focus on lyricism, word painting, and a focal musical element. Contemplation is harmonically more open and dissonant, and utilized elements of the Pelog scale from Balinese Gamelan. Within the piece there is a reoccurring motive that interjects between different ideas; like someone reconsidering an idea after thinking about other aspects of it. Ascension of Larks focuses on rhythm through increased variation, and use of the hemiola, a two against three accent pattern. The melodic contour was also consciously considered when bringing the poem’s images to life. Each song has a dedication, Contemplation to my mom, mezzo soprano Jeri Swatosh, Ascension of larks to my grandparents, Larry and Judy Swatosh.


The composer would like to thank Katie Hill, for the use of her poetry; Jeri Swatosh, for her recording of Contemplation; and Janet Lindsley for her recording of An Ascension of Larks.


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Full Score, Contemplation, An Ascension of Larks