Morning Coffee (working title) for Solo Harp Consortium


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When you wake up in the morning and are going through your morning routine, what’s a ritual you have associated with breakfast? For many folks, the process of brewing coffee is a ritual that provides a delicious, aromatic, and caffeinated boost. Join New Music Harpist Danielle Kuntz (she/her), and composer Drew Swatosh (they/them) as they take you through two methods of brewing coffee in two pieces for intermediate solo harp. One piece explores percolation methods such as a pour over or a drip machine, and the other piece explores immersion methods like an AeroPress or a French press.

Danielle Kuntz (she/her)
Drew Swatosh (they/them)









Member Benefits:
A PDF digital score containing both pieces
A 1 year window from the delivery to premiere the pieces (Upon premiere it will be made available for purchase)
A 1 year window from the delivery to let your students program these pieces
Your name, pronouns, and institution (if applicable) listed in the score as a consortium member
A handwritten note from the composer to consortium members
The opportunity for your thoughts about brewing coffee (via a google form) to help influence the compositional process

If you join before August 21st, 2022– You will get 25% off and be entered into a raffle for a guided rehearsal on the piece and signed hard copy of the piece