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The poem Centering was written by Carolyn Quick on May 6th during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Carolyn mentioned to me that “Centering was originally a timed-write inspired by a prompt composed by Josh Love for the East County Poetry Group: ‘Pick a day, and a time of day that will be nice for walking outside…Before leaving your house take a minute to breathe. Take a moment to center yourself…just try to be present to your body, to your thoughts, and to your emotions. When you are feeling present grab a pad of paper and take a walk…As soon as you are struck by something beautiful pause and start.’”

Centering is comprised of three sections, A B A’. As the singer performs this piece, they should pace around the space where they are performing and only come to a pause towards the end of the A/A’ sections, signaling that they feel centered. The A section explores being centered on a surface level, while the A’ section add ornamentation, exploring the idea of being centered on a deeper, enduring level. In the B section, the singer audibly breathes so they can begin to cue into the rhythm of their body and actively listen to the world around them. Overall, Centering focuses on searching for respite from the fast pasted world; slowing down and trying to live in the present.