A Poem of Gratitude

Art Song | High/Low Voice and Piano | 3′

A Poem of Gratitude was written in collaboration with the poet, Caroline Erdmann. This poem was originally a part of her high school senior project where she wrote a short collection of poems based on her observations of learning styles, teaching styles, and teachers teaching. Because the phrase “To whom it may concern” is repeated throughout the poem, some of the musical material is based off the cipher of the poet’s name as a way to have the poet musically sign the poem like a letter. Overall, the music was used to bring out the way the poet nostalgically thanks her teachers for the education they provided her over her thirteen years of schooling.


A Poem of Gratitude

To whom it may concern
You have inspired me
To look beyond the greener pastures
To trust myself as I tumble over that old rickety fence
Where things I can do meet the infinite sky of possibility

To whom it may concern
You have motivated me
Callused toes squish and bounce on melted grass
Thighs burning to run, my ideas, next to me,

To whom it may concern
These past 13 years have not been in vain
Rocks to trip me have come and gone
But you all have been there to pick me up

To whom it may concern
Thank you

– Caroline Erdmann (2017)