Stephanie Bivins | Choral Director

Brian Dang | Playwright/Librettist

Caroline Erdmann | Poet

Katie Hill | Poet

Stephanie Lamprea |Soprano with an emphasis in new music

Janet Lindsley | Soprano/Voice & Paino Teacher

Carolyn Quick | Composer/Soprano/Poet

Dr. James Reddan | Choir Director/Composition Professor

Joel Thoreson | Choral Director/Pianist

Dr. Kevin Walczyk | Composer/Composition Professot

Ciyadh Wells | Classical Guitarist/Director of Margins Guitar Collective

Dr. Bill Whitley | Composer/Composition Professor


Duo Charango | Guitar Duo

Fear No Music | New Music Ensemble

Persisting Sound | New Music Collective focusing on the performance of classical works by underrepresented composers

Seattle Opera | Opera Company